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Tone Study for the Lifelong Flutist

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by Leonard E. Lopatin

Taking a different direction

From the introduction by the author, Flutist/Flute maker, Leonard E. Lopatin:

“…(traditionally,) patterns… always started in the same places, and moved in the same directions. One was always working from the middle register into the low register, or working from the middle register into the high register. What about those times in real life when you have to start in an extreme register and work your way back toward the middle, or suddenly leap to the opposite extreme?…

“…In this book, you practice starting anywhere and everywhere, going in any direction, in all possible intervals, in short patterns and in longer ones.
At a glance, this book might look like it’s just the same thing, over and over again. Why bother to write all this out? Here’s why: having it spelled out step by step makes it possible for you to choose the exact points that you need to practice starting from…”

From the back cover blurb

“Tone Study for the Lifelong Flutist grew out of Leonard E. Lopatin’s experiences over a nearly fifty-year career, building on what he found useful from standard pedagogy books and coaching he received in high school, the Manhattan School of Music, and the Juilliard School. Lopatin, best known as the innovative designer of the SquareONE family of flutes, concentrated on making his daily practice time as effective as possible for maintaining the skills that first earned him a seat in the Metropolitan Opera Orchestra. What would be the point of crafting the kind of flutes he wanted to play if he neglected his professional flute playing skills?
Divided into 48 large sections, each with twelve sub-sections, these tonal exercises are designed to facilitate the practice of moving smoothly from each note to every other note in the flute’s range while building (or maintaining) the endurance needed to play for an extended period of time. These exercises are designed to continually challenge players in their lifelong efforts to advance their playing abilities.
Flute players will undoubtedly find Tone Study for the Lifelong Flutist a must-have for their pedagogical library. Indeed, players of all woodwind and brass instruments will find that the patterns which fall into their range are great for building the strength and flexibility needed for mastery.”

—Jacqueline Britton Lopatin

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