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SquareONE Concert Flutes

The SquareONE concert flutes come in two distinct models, the Standard Professional and the Custom Professional.


The Standard Professional SquareONE is a handcrafted medium-wall (.016″) sterling silver flute with soldered tone holes. A-442 is the only available pitch and it is made to the Lopatin Scale. The SP features a simpler key-work design and stainless steel springs, with Y arms rather than the very labor-intensive pointed arms. It comes with a number of the most popular options, such as open holes, a C# trill key, and a B-foot with gizmo. There is a choice of either inline or offset G keys. Available options at an additional price are a split-e mechanism (available only on offset G flutes), or a lower g insert.

Standard Professional model:

Standard Professional model with sterling silver head joint

Standard Professional model Square ONE flute in sterling silver:   $11,500.00

B Foot with Gizmo

Open-holed cups

Y arms

Stainless Steel Springs

C# Trill Key

Split E Mechanism – add $800.00 (available only on offset G model)

High E Facilitator – add $85.00

Our Custom SquareONE flutes are offered with a wide range of options to ensure that your flute is built with precisely the combination of features you want and need. We allow you to choose your metal combination (sterling, gold, or platinum); plateau vs. open hole keywork; inline or offset G keys; pitch (440, 442, or 444); a “stripped down” version or one loaded with extra features. The Custom Professional SquareONE features pointed arm detail work along with white gold springs, and the tone holes are applied with gold-germanium solder.

Custom Professional model:

note: Looking for gold or platinum?

With the volatility of the precious metals market, please call for a specific quote regarding the prices of anything beyond the current listing for sterling flutes.

Custom Professional model SquareONE flute in Sterling Silver:

with C Foot joint: $12,500.00

with B Foot joint: $13,300.00

Available Sterling Silver options:

C# Trill Key: $650.00

Split E Mechanism: $875.00

High-E Facilitator: $85.00

D# Roller: $150.00

Please Specify (at no additional charge):

French or Plateau Model

Inline or Offset G Keys

Silver Tube Thickness: 0.014″ (thin), 0.016″ (standard), 0.018″ (heavy)

Pitch: (A=440, A=442, A=444)

B Foot joints have gizmo key unless otherwise indicated.

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