Lopatin flute Company

The SquareONE family of flutes

Can a flute be both dark and brilliant? SquareONE can! 

Like a black star sapphire, SquareONE melds these seemingly opposite qualities with unique results. When you open one of our SquareONE’s tone holes, you give your air column a straight edge at which to vent.

This easy, undistorted venting gives SquareONE its full, rich sound and vibrant presence. And the accuracy with which this straight edge determines the length of each note’s air column creates SquareONE’s brilliance, its super easy speech, and stunningly fast and clean articulation.

The lower notes, in particular, benefit by having the largest tone  holes possible without compromising the structure of the tube. By not “cutting corners,” the foot joint tone holes are able to vent significantly more air than their round counterparts–up to twenty-seven percent more.

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Handmade flutes, piccolos, alto flutes and head joints in precious metals and stainless steel