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Head Joints

Lopatin head joints are available in your choice of gold, sterling silver, platinum or stainless steel, and in two styles.

The Lopatin provides a wide range of colors, and an excellent balance of resistance and responsiveness. Its flexibility gives the performer plenty of room for musical expression.

The Scherzo is designed for maximum responsiveness. It features an extremely sharp blowing angle and a high degree of undercutting. Ease of articulation is a major characteristic of this style. It is the “show-off” of the Lopatin head joint family.

In addition, the sterling silver head joint comes in your choice of .014″, .016″, or .018″ tubing thickness. The .014″ gives you the brightest sound; the .018″ gives you the darkest. The .016″ is a happy medium.

Some of the parts as they’re being prepared for assembly:

Head joint pricing:

  • Sterling silver for C-flute: $1,400  
  • Sterling silver for alto flute: $1,800  
  • All stainless steel: $2,250  
  • All 14K gold: call for quote.  
  • Platinum with sterling silver embouchure and crown: call for quote.
  • Platinum with 14K gold embouchure and crown: call for quote.

C-flute Head Joint Options (contact us for alto flute head joint options and pricing)

  • 14K riser: call for quote. 
  • 14K embouchure: call for quote.
  • Stainless steel embouchure: $550
  • 14K crown: call for quote.
  • Platinum riser: call for quote.
  • Head joint case ………………. $125

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Handmade flutes, piccolos, alto flutes and head joints in precious metals and stainless steel